A woman has been charged with criminal mischief and littering in Stow Municipal Court for her actions last Aug. 15.

The incident happened at the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center in Cuyahoga Falls last month. The woman, identified as Melissa Strelec, allegedly threw eggs at volunteers at the center who protected themselves with umbrellas, the Akron Beacon Journal reported.

From the video footage, Strelec could be seen leaving the abortion clinic in her car. However, after an hour, she would return and leave a bag at the clinic’s door.

To the surprise of the staff who initially feared it was a bomb, they found a dead raccoon inside.

“We honestly didn’t know if it was an explosive or what it was,” an unnamed volunteer said. “We were panicked.”

Also, medical assistant Krista Mills added that the bag had flies all over and smelled terrible.

“There [were] flies all over it and it smelled horrible,” Mills said. "It was nerve-wracking and honestly scary."

After fleeing a second time, Strelec became confrontational with the police. Things appeared to have gotten out of hand with the woman allegedly striking officers.

It would later be learned that Strelec’s attacks were not the only ones the clinic had to deal with. They have dealt with several attacks on the abortion center since the Supreme Court’s overruling in June of the landmark Roe v Wade ruling.

“There’s a little more anger now because they assumed we would close, and that’s not the case,” clinic director Dr. David Burkons said. “They thought [this] would be it for us, so they’re angry we’re still here.”

A six-week last menstrual period (LMP ban) and the Heartbeat Law prevents any medical staff from performing the procedure if a heartbeat is found.

The only exception is if it is a medical emergency or the life of the mother is in danger.

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