Former Middle School Aide Sentenced To 105 Years In Prison For Child Porn angel4leon/pixabay

A woman allegedly filmed herself in multiple sexual videos with an infant girl and shared them online through chat in Warren, Michigan.

Amber Dunbar, a 26-year-old Macomb County woman, is accused of both creating and distributing child porn for the purpose of selling the content after authorities found proof of Dunbar filming sexual videos with an infant girl and sharing them online, CBS News reported.

Police in another state were reportedly investigating a man on Oct. 18. During the investigation, the officers discovered that he had been communicating with others on the Kik app and asking them to send him child pornography.

During the investigation, officials found Kik chats between the man and another user. The officers uncovered the user's username and traced it to an email account associated with Dunbar. The subpoena received by Kik uncovered an IP address at the home where Dunbar lived in Macomb County, FOX 2 Detroit reported.

If you start making me videos of (sexual acts), I’ll pay,” the man wrote.

“Really? Then you should pay me for all the stuff I already sent you,” Dunbar replied.

“I traded videos for you (performing a sex act on video),” he wrote back. “I’m meaning I’ll pay 75 for (more sexual acts).”

When federal officials reviewed the individual's phone, they found three videos of a woman engaging in sexual acts with an infant. The videos included instances of oral sex.

Photos of Dunbar from her driver's license and social media accounts confirmed her identity in the videos.

The FBI went to Dunbar's home in Warren with a search warrant on Dec. 7. When questioned, she admitted to engaging in chats where people traded child pornography. She added that one of the groups was particularly centered around incest between adults and children.

She also said she looked at the videos that were being traded. However, she added that she never downloaded or saved any of the videos. She also denied engaging in sexual activity with minors before the officers showed her screenshots of two of the videos that investigators had uncovered.

After being shown screenshots of the videos, Dunbar finally admitted to being the woman in the videos. She told investigators that she sent the videos but never received money for them.

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