A woman has been accused of shooting her sister to death and later forcing her own 13-year-old son to help dump his aunt's body in the 3500 block of Cherry Street in Houston.

Carmen White, 38, is facing a capital murder charge for allegedly shooting her sister, Cynthia Cervantes, multiple times on March 31 and then abandoning her body at the end of a dirt road in the 3500 block of Cherry Street in Houston before setting the remains on fire. The victim was reportedly shot several times including once in the back of the neck which severed her spinal cord. In addition to the capital murder charge, the suspect is also accused of enlisting her 13-year-old son to help move the body to her car, New York Post reported.

White allegedly first contacted her ex-boyfriend and asked him to assist in transporting the remains in return for sexual favors. However, when he refused, she called her 13-year-old son away from playing with his 12-year-old brother at the park and asked him to move an “unknown” item to her car. When the boy reached down and lifted the heavy object, however, he realized that they were human legs and dropped the remains back to the ground. After the boy resisted White's orders, she reportedly became extremely aggressive toward the teen. Eventually coercing the boy, he finally gave in out of fear for his safety.

On April 1, Cervantes’ body was found in an industrial metal-works park by police after a witness reported their grisly discovery to a railroad worker, Click2Houston reported.

A preliminary investigation revealed that White killed her sister because the victim called police on her in February, which led to a charge against the suspect for making a terroristic threat to a family member and possessing meth. White was reported to be “very angry” about Cervantes alerting the police, having to go to jail, and her previous car being towed, as well as not being able to recover it from the tow lot.

Following the alleged murder, White appeared paranoid and even traded in a new car she bought in early March because she said the air conditioner was broken.

According to investigating officers, White's gray Chevrolet HHR had been seen on camera footage near where the body was dumped. There also was blood in the “rear cargo area of the vehicle and on an envelope found under the driver’s side seat,” according to the authorities. However, police officers are currently awaiting the DNA results.

White remains on the lam, and a warrant is out for her arrest.

Dead body
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