A woman in Wales gave birth to her sister in what she described as a loving gift to her mom who had been consumed longing for another child. In what others would feel is a bizarre and distasteful solution to her mother’s  situation,  Hollie Summers, saw nothing wrong with her gesture to offer her eggs and carry her unborn sister conceived with her stepfather’s sperm.

Her mother, Faye, met her stepfather, Andrew in 2006 when she was 36 and already had Hollie and her two other siblings. 

Andrew was 33 and worked with the Forces and the couple had quite a whirlwind romance, They were engaged within just a month of meeting and then married a year later. Her stepfather had given her mom such contentment in life and this made Faye badly want to have a child with the man she loved so much. However, Faye had been sterilized after Hollie’s youngest sibling was born, a decision she had regretted for years after meeting Andrew, the Daily Mail wrote.

 In 2014, Faye coughed up the courage to have her sterilization procedure reversed. The doctors had extracted and frozen three of her eggs as an insurance policy because the reversal might not work and IVF could still be an option.

A few months later Faye conceived naturally but then suffered a very early miscarriage. 

At the age of 43, Faye endured a miscarriage after years of fruitless trying which left her in pangs of agony. Hollie became sad seeing her mother trudge through her deep need to care and cherish another little life. 

The solution to fulfill Faye’s wishes became evident with which she had few real options left. The idea of surrogacy came into light where this would require using another woman's egg and Andrew's sperm. 

Hollie, who was 25 years old at the time, had a very close and loving relationship with her mother whom she also considered her best friend. The only one person who open-heartedly offered to help was Hollie. This would seem quite confusing as to what would the baby be in their lives --  Hollie’s sister or daughter?

But none of these biological boundaries deterred Hollie’s desire to prove her love to her mother. 

Two months ago, Hollie gave birth to Willow, and handed her straight over to her ecstatic mother, Faye, who is now a doting 49-year-old mom.

In their story published in The World News UK, Hollie said :

“Lovely Willow may have been born using my eggs and Andrew's sperm — but she has only one mother. And it's certainly not me.” 

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