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A woman reportedly killed her 5-year-old daughter and hid her corpse inside a bedside table filled with concrete in San Andrés, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The police officers in San Andrés, Buenos Aires launched an investigation after a missing person complaint was filed by the five-year-old Milagros' father on Oct. 24. Following the investigation, the victim's body was found set in concrete and used as a bedside table at her mother Vanesa Alejandra Mansilla's house four days later, the Mirror reported.

When questioned, Mansilla claimed to police that she found her five-year-old child Milagros dead. However, officers are accusing her of placing her daughter's body in a nylon bag inside a wooden box before filling it with concrete.

According to the victim's friends and family, Mansilla favored her other two children, aged seven and three, while Milagros was often left alone in unsanitary conditions, the Street Journal reported.

Mansilla is said to have used the crate as a bedside table in her San Andrés, Buenos Aires, Argentina, home for at least a few months. When officers questioned her after finding the body, she told them that she was “scared” and did not know what to do about her daughter’s death.

“She used the box with the body as a bedside table in her bedroom. She was a young girl who was born prematurely, had multiple pre-existing conditions, and had a tracheotomy and a nasogastric tube," one police spokesperson said.

“[Vanesa] said everything happened one afternoon. After bathing her three children, she went to take a nap and when she woke up, she went to see the girl who had already passed away. She said that she had a runny nose and drool on her mouth, that she choked,” he added.

The last time family members saw Milagros alive was on July 30 for the birthday of one of her siblings.

Following the gruesome discovery, Mansilla's two other children have been placed in the temporary care of their maternal grandmother.

Meanwhile, the authorities are waiting for the autopsy results and an analysis of the bed mattress which was found with blood marks.

An investigation into the incident is underway and the mother is currently being held in police custody.

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