A woman has been accused of brutally strangling her six-year-old to death after growing angry that she was not able to meet her lover freely due to the child’s presence. The incident reportedly happened in Vadodara, Gujarat, India on Monday, June 27.

The accused woman, identified as Sumitra Baria, and her paramour Kishan Raval, were arrested on Tuesday, June 28 after the woman allegedly choked her six-year-old son to death. After strangling the child, the suspect allegedly proceeded to dump the infant's body near an electricity pole in a nearby field to make it look like an accident, the Times Of India reported.

Baria reportedly married her husband Mukesh Parmar eight years ago and the couple has two children including the victim. However, over the last year, she got into a relationship with Raval. Baria and her husband often had heated arguments as she was not looking after their children and also used to travel frequently to Kalol where Raval stayed.

On Sunday, June 26, Raval secretly came to Baria's house to meet the suspect while her husband wasn’t at home. However, some of the neighbors spotted him sneaking into the house and informed Baria’s parents, as well as her husband about the illicit incident. Following the discovery of her extramarital affair, Baria’s parents and husband tried to convince her to break off her relationship with Raval.

However, Baria didn’t pay any heed to their requests. On Monday afternoon, June 27, the woman suspect allegedly strangled her son to death as she believed that she couldn't meet Raval freely due to the toddler's presence.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a mother has been accused of choking her 3-year-old child to death so that she could go on to live with her boyfriend in Palakkad, Kerala, India on Tuesday, April 12, Latin Times reported.

The suspect, identified only as 22-year-old Asiya, was reportedly already estranged from her husband when she began an extramarital affair with another man. On Tuesday, Asiya, who believed that her son could be a hindrance in her relationship with her boyfriend, allegedly strangled 3-year-old Muhammad Shan to death.

The child was found unresponsive in a bedroom at Asiya’s residence and was rushed to the district hospital for treatment. However, physicians at the facility pronounced the child dead upon arrival. Following the toddler's death, Asiya's relatives felt suspicious of the nature of the boy's passing and demanded an autopsy be conducted.

The postmortem examination later revealed that the child died due to choking. During the interrogation, the mother allegedly confessed to the murder and told the officers that she killed the child thinking that her beau would end their relationship due to her son.

Two women have been charged with child abuse after they were caught on camera slamming around a 3-year-old boy at a church daycare in Georgia. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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