A 28-year-old mother was left terrified after a Metropolitan Police made inappropriate comments about her body.

Marwa Mohammed claimed that a Met officer made frightening remarks about her "shape, size and form." The police additionally told her he would "love to conduct a search on her," as recorded in a creepy phone call.

PC Andrew Turner was given a final warning after a misconduct panel ruled his actions were "inappropriate and fell far below the standards expected."

Mohammed, from London, met Turner on June 8. She was involved in an incident and Turner happened to be at the scene at that time. Mohammed said that he started making inappropriate comments about her "shape, size and form" and soon asked her about the plastic surgery she had during an interview in the police station.

After several weeks, the mother-of-one reportedly received a phone call from the officer. Turner asked about an injury she sustained during the incident before letting her know that the call if off the record. Mohammed's friend, fortunately, recorded the conversation. Turner told Mohammed he "really liked her," adding that he "was hoping they would let me conduct a search on you in custody." He also said that he was "going to have to cross the line" before giving Mohammed legal advice.

After the first call, Turner reached out to Mohammed once again. He called her to ask if she had "enough food for the two of us." The Met officer appeared to acquire Mohammed's private information through the police database.

In a phoned call shared with the Mirror, Turner said, "I'm going to have to cross the line into being unprofessional, aren't I? You were fun to be around. I was, to put it lightly, I was hoping they would let me conduct a search on you in custody. I don't see how you could have been able to sort of hide much, I wouldn't have minded though."

Mohammed was shocked Turner was still permitted to continue his job. The officer was only given a final warning. "I feel like I took it the furthest I could and even then I feel like I didn't get any justice, seeing him out on patrol. My biggest fear now is to imagine being pulled over and it's him. I don't like being pulled over by men full stop anyway, when they do the random checks and so on." Mohammed continued, "At this stage of life, If I'm being pulled over there should be a female officer present."

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