A woman was sentenced to life in prison for murdering and dismembering her housemate after she declined to have sex with her. On April 16, 2020, Gareeca Gordon, 28, stabbed Phoenix Netts, also 28, at their home in Birmingham.

Gordon stabbed Netts four times before hacking her body with a circular saw and dumped it in a suitcase. She drove 70 miles away from home and attempted to burn the body in the Forest of Dean.

Gordon was spotted with the two suitcases by police officers probing allegations of a car speeding in the area during the COVID-19 lockdown. Investigators said that Gordon even made online searches such as, “How do killers get caught?” and “Can a body burn to ashes with petrol?” sometime between 1:04 p.m. and 3:07 p.m. according to court documents.

Gordon attempted to conceal her felony by sending texts and voice calls to Netts' family and friends pretending to be from the deceased woman.

According to her court hearings, Gordon sent a message to Nett's friend, Asif Mohammed, saying, "I have to go to London." Another acquaintance of Netts also received a message sent by Gordon said, "I have moved to London."

Other messages sent to Nett's friends wrote, "I am just trying to get some peace and quiet and some rest."

High Court judge Justice Cutts ordered imprisonment for life for Gordon. The parole board will decide on the minimum term. “I believe your personality disorder only had an effect to a negligible degree.”

Gordon has a personality disorder, according to the prosecutor. She acted 'aggressively sexually' toward Netts, indicating that she was enraged that the victim declined to have sexual relations with her.

The court also reported that Gordon had been sending notes to Netts saying, "I know it's not like you to not have sex. I can't give you what we want unless we f***."

The prosecutor said that the murder took place "as a rejection of her approach for a sexual relationship."

Judge Cutts said, “This makes you a very dangerous woman."

She added, "It is clear from the deeply moving statements that Miss Netts was a lovely, caring, compassionate woman who was deeply loved.”

"She had intended to move back to live with her parents. Her future was looking, bright and promising.

"You robbed her of the future she deserved."

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