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A 20-year-old woman avoided jail time despite hitting her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend in the head with a designer perfume bottle shaped like a stiletto heel. Jessica Baker got into an ugly catfight with her current boyfriend’s ex, Amelia Duckworth following a social media spat about their man Dan McCarron sometime in August 2021.

According to the Daily Mail, Baker appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court with Judge Stephen Climie handing down a two-year suspended 12-month sentence to Baker. Her suspended sentence was given on the condition that she does not run into any issues with law enforcement on top of being ordered to pay £156 ($174) as a victim surcharge. The judge also stipulated a two-month curfew between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. as well as a two-year restraining order.

The Carolina Herrera perfume bottle she used to attack Duckworth was also confiscated and will be subject to destruction.

"You are just 20 years old. On the occasion of this incident, you found yourself in a state of mind that was caused in part by provocation by others and issues in your personal life,” the judge said. "If you commit an offense in the next two years you will give me no choice but to send you to prison,” he added.

Rebecca Fairbairn, Baker’s defense attorney said her client pleaded guilty and genuinely felt remorseful for her actions, citing that she had been taunted by a string of phone calls and texts from Duckworth’s peers. "She had hundreds of phone calls from unknown numbers. It just got too much given her own issues," she remarked.

The rivalry between the women culminated in a showdown at the King Charles model village of Poundbury. Baker, a young mother-of-one had brought with her a distinctive Carolina Herrera perfume bottle which she concealed behind her back. The court heard that Baker produced the bottle just after threatening Duckworth with “I’m going to do you in”.

A raging Baker lunged at Duckworth striking her twice, once across the head and another that slashed her face. Duckworth was taken to a hospital where she received stitches for the gash between her eyes while a portion of her scalp had to be glued. She also suffered a concussion.

Apparently, the cause of the squabble stemmed from Duckworth telling Baker about current relationship issues McCarron had been confiding with her.

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