The woman who masterminded the death of her parents continues to serve her jail sentence but alone after her former female bride divorced her and set free.

The woman was identified as Suzane von Richthofen who was only 18 when she masterminded the murder of her parents, German engineer Manfred Albert von Richthofen and mother Marisia.

The crime happened 20 years ago during Halloween with her parents sleeping in bed as they were bludgeoned to death by her then-boyfriend, Daniel Cravinhos and her older brother Christian.

Suzane ended up plotting the sick crime on Halloween 2022. This was after she asked her father if she could buy her an apartment for her and her jobless boyfriend to live in.

Her father disapproved and told her that if she wanted to do so, Suzane would have to do it using her own money. The only problem then was that she had no money and had yet to inherit any of her family’s fortune.

It was here where Suzane, then only 18 years old, thought of the fiendish plot.

She initially snuck out of the house one night and then returned with Daniel and Christian. Suzane had disabled the alarm system and then directed her accomplices to the bedroom of her parents.

As Daniel and Christian went up to bludgeon her parents with iron bars, Suzane sat on a sofa. When the couple was killed, they stole money and tried to make it look like it was a burglary.

Christian went to a restaurant while Suzane and Daniel headed to a hotel. Suzane would then pick up her younger brother and bring him home and acted as if she were shocked at the horrific scene.

But as the days passed, there were suspicions and inconsistencies. Among them included seeing Suzane celebrating her birthday, days after the death of her parents.

There were also questions on how the perpetrators knew the alarm system code. Christian also raised suspicions after he was able to buy a Suzuki motorcycle just hours after the crime.

All eventually admitted to the crime and were punished.

Suzane ended up marrying an inmate but later on separated from her after she was set free.

Suzane is now in a semi-open prison and is likely to be released between 2032 and 2042.

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