Getting trapped in an elevator may sound like an extremely stressful situation veering towards claustrophobic feeling, but it's not such a bad situation to be in if one were to be rescued by a dreamy firefighter. That's exactly how it panned out for one woman who was trapped in a lift in New York and had to wait for the fire department to save her, with the man of her dreams, in the firefighter uniform finally rescuing her.

After a big metal door of an elevator got jammed and wouldn't open, TikTok user Hailey (@hmlogan) found herself trapped in a lift with several others. They requested assistance from the fire department, and two officers were dispatched to assist them in getting out of the lift, The Sun reported.

Hailey was filming the entire episode, and she captured the moment her hunky firefighter came to her rescue. The firefighter's appearance made an impression on her that she couldn't resist. She made it her quest to find him again.

"NYC I need your help, please find this guy who saved me from an elevator today," Hailey wrote on TikTok, sharing a video from the lift rescue. Hailey's prayers were answered with the help of good samaritans of the internet, and the firefighter, David, responded to her videos. He responded by sharing his own video on his TikTok account (@firefighterbliss) to reach out to Hailey.

"What's up guys, so my brothers at the firehouse just showed me this video," David explained to the viewers on TikTok. He said he went through the comments and was overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone. "I just wanted to make the video to say I'm glad you're safe," he said.

Hailey later said that the firefighter's sister had seen her initial video on the internet and commented on it, prompting David to respond with the video. After blowing her chance the first time, Hailey wasted no time in responding and asking David out for a drink, as a gesture of thanks for saving her life.

Reacting to David's video, Hailey said she was stunned that the video went viral in the way that it did. She was surprised that strangers were rooting for her to ask her newfound crush out for coffee. In another video, Hailey thanked her internet audience, friends, and TikTok for what she considered an extremely entraining journey.

Hundreds of people flooded her comments section to support Hailey's decision to ask her good-looking rescuer out on a date. One user commented, "This app is magical," while another said, "I have never been more invested in two people I don't know and I'm HERE FOR ITTTTTT."

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