As the 2014 World Cup in Brazil approaches, the Colombian National team was happy to learn this week that a major piece to the their overall success could rejoin them after undergoing major surgery. After damaging the cruciate ligament in his right knee two months ago, Colombian National striker and AS Monaco star Radamel Falcao was unsure if he'd be able to take the pitch in Brazil for his beloved national side. After completing a successful procedure however, surgeon Jose Carlos Noronha is confident that Falcao will be ready to go in June.

“Each case is different but he is on the right track,” Noronha said. “He has recovered very well. I still believe he could play at the World Cup, there is no reason why it could not work.” Originally given a recovery time table of six months, Carlos Noronha now believes that Falcao has a better than fifty percent chance of competing for Colombia when they open their tournament schedule against Greece on June 14. Despite suffering the grueling injury, the 27-year-old scorer said recently that he too believes he'll play in Brazil even though many thought chances were slim.

“I am convinced that everything is going to be OK and I will be able to give the best I have at the World Cup,” he said. “When they told me at first that I had a serious injury and there was only a small chance of participating, I didn’t care whether it was 10, 20 or 50 percent. I was counting on that chance. This is my hope and with this dream I will work every day. A lot has to do with my emotional state. This is something that I can manage each day.”

While the road to full recovery is still a long one, fans of the Colombian National team now have reason to be more optimistic about the return of a major piece.