El Tri will have a good time in Brazil, irrespective of their performance on the field. Or so it would seem to the team's sporting director Ricardo Peláez who has revealed that there won't be any restrictions as to the players' sex lives while they play in the 2014 World Cup. "As long as it's not with each other..." Peláez joked at a a press conference, where he confirmed that those selected on the Mexican team no travellling with their wives or girlfriends will have the chance to enjoy everything Brazil has to offer. 

Ricardo Peláez has spoken quite candidly. "There is nothing to hide," he said. "[Sex] is part of life: as long as it's done in moderation, there won't be any problem," said Peláez who played on the Mexican squad at the 1998 World Cup in France. Peláez spoke with the media during a press conference to present the song that will be dedicated to the Mexican national team and their bid for World Cup glory. He also confirmed that the final selection will be announced between the 8th and 12th of May. 

Ricardo Peláez knows all to well how difficult it is to be excluded from selection: he himself was taken off the team at the last minute during the 1994 World Cup in the United States. He has encouraged Miguel 'El Piojo' Herrera to make the announcemenet of the final 23 as soon as possible. "It's not nice (being left out), it happened to me in 1994, but if FIFA demands it, we'll give them 30," he said. Peláez is referring to FIFA's request that the Mexican team announce 30 players rather than the required 23.