World Mental Health Day will take place in October 2019, an opportunity to mobilize and raise awareness to prevent suicide. According to the World Health Organization, about 800,000 people die from suicide each year, and many others make suicide attempts.

For these reasons and many others, Ismael Cala has published the meditation "Manantial de Luz" (Fountain of Light) for free on his app Escala Meditando, under the category Salud Perfecta: Construyendo bienestar (Perfect Health: Building Wellbeing).

"Meditating is very easy. It is good for our physical and mental health, regardless of age. It increases self-esteem and dispels depression and discouragement; it releases us from negative energy, which often results in terrible pessimism, and alleviates potential suffering; according to many studies, it also combats stress," explains Cala.

The meditation "Sexo tántrico" (Tantric Sex) also premiered in October. After many years of study, Ismael Cala has introduced his app for meditation, personal growth, and mindfulness, completely in Spanish, through a joint venture with Kingmagination.

The strategist, bestselling author, and communicator guides all meditations on the app so users can reach their full potential and achieve mind-body balance, besides inspiring them to overcome physical and emotional ailments.

Following the teachings of the masters, Deepak Chopra, Sifu Rama, and Joe Dispenza, Escala Meditando the app includes categories such as Construyendo Bienestar and Equilibrio Consciente (Conscious Balance), intended to manage everyday emotions and situations through individual meditation. Some themes of the app include relaxation and dreams, mindfulness, personal growth, infinite abundance, assertive relationships, discovery of ikigai purpose, love in the face of intolerance, and liberation of the ego.

Escala Meditando is available for Android and iOS and by searching @escalameditando on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.