World Water Day is celebrated on March 22 since 1993, when it was declared by the UN as World Water Day. It’s purpose is to raise awareness among people about the importance and conservation of water. The theme for World Water day this year is “Water and Energy.” They have been coming up with different themes since 1993. It is celebrated in different ways around the world. Let’s conserve water today and learn from this day to conserve water every day.

This day was created to motivate people and get their support in water conservation by not using tap water for the whole day. Also, encourages the people to listen and understand about water issues that people face all around the world.

Here is a list of fun activities you can do to create awareness on World Water Day.

1.     Wear all blue today along with your family, so that if someone asks, you can start a conversation about the importance of this day.

2.     Write a poem or song about water with your children, and ask them why they love it.

3.     Make your own water filter. It's not complicated and it shows the importance of using every last drop of water we have access to.

4.     Make World Water Day posters and post them around the neighborhood.

5.     Make signs to remind everyone how to conserve water, and which wasteful activities should stop.