There are always a few changes when a new leader seats at the helm of power, whether it’s a business organization or the government. Thus, it’s somehow expected for Prince Charles to implement a few changes himself when he replaces Queen Elizabeth II as the monarch.

One potential change might even affect some of the royal family members themselves as Charles has been vocal about streamlining the family. In fact, there were reports that Charles’ intention might have caused a rift between the Prince of Wales and Prince Andrew, who fears that his daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, might eventually be sidelined once Queen Elizabeth is gone.

It’s also a favorite topic among royal family fans who are wondering just what Charles would do once he is in power. For instance, someone posted the question “Could Prince Charles remove HRH from other royals when he becomes the king?” on the Q&A site Quora, which yielded a diverse range of answers from its users.

There’s no question that Charles could do it when he becomes king since it has been done before. “King George V did it to remove Princely status from his German relations who fought against UK in WWI,” Quora user Chamika Mahakumbura answered the query.

“On that time Male line descendants of George III through Ernest-Augustus I of Hanover and of Victoria through Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany was eligible to be British Princes and both of them was against Britain in WWI,” Mahamkumbura further explained.

But despite having the power to do so, the Quora user believes that Charles won’t go so far as removing the HRH titles of his relatives. However, it’s possible that he may implement a few changes, such as altering the “method how HRH is given for future generations,” as well as limiting the funds available for the royals.

Another Quora user, however, suggested that Charles may actually do it. “All he would have to do is issue new Letters Patent as George V did,” Chris Smith wrote. “I could see him limited HRH to the children of the heir apparent only for instance.”

If Charles goes this route, it will inevitably mean the removal of some titles. “If he did that then he would remove HRH from his brothers’ children, from Harry’s children and from his mother’s cousins. He could leave all of those with HRH from birth with it but limit it for those who don’t have it at the start of his reign or from a specified date,” Smith added.

However, there are those who believe that it’s actually not necessary for Charles to act at all. “He could, but I don’t think he will,” Eileen Wood responded to the question. “He’s made no secret of the fact that he wants to ‘streamline’ the number of working Royals, but nature is going to do that for him.”

Wood then gave a list of royals with HRH titles, such as Prince Andrew, who will soon turn 60; Prince Edward, who is in his mid-50s; Princess Anne, in her 70s; Richard, Duke of Gloucester, in his mid-70s; and Edward, Duke of Kent, in his mid-80s. The point is that it’s only a matter of time, and some of the royals who have HRH titles will pass away.

“In 25 years or so, the only HRHs left will be William and his kids, Harry, Archie (who will have HRH status upon Charles’ accession to the throne, just as James and Louise are currently legally entitled to it); the York girls, and Princes Andrew and Edward,” Wood explained. However, she also believes that Charles is also not likely to add new HRH titles by then.

Prince Charles Prince Charles, Prince Of Wales, attends a wreath laying ceremony at the Jose Marti Memorial on March 24, 2019, in Havana, Cuba. Chris Jackson/Getty Images