Originally known as Le Crystal Naturel, Crystal Body Deodorant Stone was created when the company founder traveled to France and became intrigued with a mineral salt product used to purify water. He soon discovered that the same ingredient would form a protective barrier on the skin against odor-causing bacteria, and that's how the idea for a gem-like deodorant stone was born. 

Amazed by this bestseller novelty, Latin Times tested the product, and with just one application the result wowed us. This product set a new standard for safe, effective, natural odor prevention and control, and the best part is without the use of harsh chemicals. 

The Crystal Body Deodorant Stone offers safe, reliable and natural odor protection for her and him, using only mineral salts mined from the earth. Is hypoallergenic and is sculpted into a gem-like form with a silky smooth texture.

The stone was designed to keep skin odor-free for 24 hours using natural mineral salts, which form a preventive barrier on the skin and an inhospitable environment for odor-causing bacteria- unlike commercial deodorants that typically mask odor with chemical ingredients.

Based on the size, it can last six to 12 months and is super easy to use. Just moisten the top of the rock and apply to clean skin just after bathing or showering and you are fully protected. The Crystal Body Deodorant Stone can also be used on your feet. 

With this deodorant you don't have to worry about cancer, mutation, birth defects or other harms, because besides being endorsed by numerous breast cancer and oncology treatment centers across the U.S., also, in ingredient safety assessments conducted by The Environmental Working Group, Crystal ranked as the safest deodorant on the market. 

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