For Edge, also known as Adam Copeland in real life, the fact that he continues to perform in the WWE is a good enough reward over anything else.

Most know how the 48-year-old was forced to retire in 2011 due to a neck injury. He faced a lot of uncertainty but it was proven that he was one of the beloved stars in the WWE.

He got a new lease on life when he returned to WWE action in 2020. That came at the WWE Royal Rumble, confirming that the Rated-R superstar was back.

Unlike other WWE stars who have capped their wrestling career, the next question was on whether it was a one-time deal. As most know, Edge was booked in several other storylines, including a shot at the WWE title.

Although he has held several titles in the past, the debate now is will he ever win a WWE title again and become champion. Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Edge shed more light if it mattered.

“When I look at the character, and I look at everything I accomplished with the character, what does one more mean? I don’t know. Is it a cool, redemptive story? This guy had it pulled away from him, and now he’s fighting to get it back. It has a bit of a feel-good, Rocky vibe to it. But if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen,” Edge explained.

Rather, Edge is more concerned about giving WWE fans a good show than worrying about becoming WWE champion. In all, it is the kind of matches he delivers that matter above anything else.

“Mentally, I feel like I’m in a way better place in terms of telling stories than I was when I had to retire. That’s really all that matters to me—how good are the matches, how good are the stories,” the 48-year-old explained.

For now, Edge is embroiled in a storyline with The Miz. His wife, Beth Phoenix, is also involved, same with Maryse, the partner of The Miz.

The four will be getting it on at the 2022 WWE Royal Rumble on Jan. 29 in what should be an interesting match to check out.

Edge aka Adam Copeland
Edge celebrates after winning his match during the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Crown Jewel pay-per-view in the Saudi capital Riyadh Getty Images | FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP

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