Matt Hardy has been around to know how the world of wrestling entertainment works. And with Triple H now taking over the WWE creative, the 47-year-old former champion believes some All-Elite Wrestling personalities out of a job could crop up in the WWE circle.

Hardy touched on the topic during his “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.” It was here where the former tag team champion said that the move to install Triple H as head of WWE creative from Vince McMahon would be a game-changer.

“This deal with Triple H taking over WWE is a game-changer. On top of that, it also opens up the door for so many people to go back. There’s so many more people who have a better relationship with Triple H than they did Vince. Triple H… I’ve already spoken with people who are there and Triple H has already been so much more accessible from the people that I’ve talked to there with the current experience. So it’s great. It’s a very good thing,” Hardy stated.

I’m Team AEW, whatever team I’m playing for I’m waving that flag until my dying day. But it is a good thing because there are people that could potentially leave AEW that might end up going to WWE and they would be more apt to do that because Triple H is in charge. So I think that’s a super positive thing,” the veteran ring tactician added.

It will be recalled that McMahon is reportedly retiring, handing over the creative reigns to Triple H. Aside from that, Paul Levesque will also be the new head of talent relations, replacing John Laurinaitis.

This developed following some reports from the Wall Street Journal that came out claiming McMahon and Laurinaitis had past acts of misconduct with some female employees.

Several wrestling talents remain free agents. Depending on the plans of Triple H, it may not be surprising to see some old familiar faces emerging from the WWE scene moving forward.

WWE Superstar Triple H
WWE Superstar Triple H Getty Images | Jerod Harris

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