During the 6-year relationship between Carlos Ponce and Ximena Duque, the two became insta-famous for the numerous pranks Ponce played on the Colombian actress and model. But this time around, it was Duque’s chance to get even with her ex. The former couple remained friendly, as the two share a business venture in Miami, a spa where the prank took place. Just a few days ago, Ximena opened up to People en Español about getting along with Ponce, and she revealed that they have a special bond.

Duque also added that even though they’ve been broken up for about six months, they get along great. And you can totally tell in the video posted by her on her Instagram account and later reposted by Carlos Ponce, where the “Silvana Sin Lana” actor goes to D and D Salon, the spa he co-owns with Duque, to get a little trim. He’s seen explaining to his hairdresser that he only wants a touch-up because he has to keep continuity for the telenovela because he’s shooting now.

After hearing what Ponce wanted, his hairdresser steps aside for a moment, and a second later Ximena enters with giant scissors. Ponce freaks out and tries to cover his head, but eventually ends up running away with Duque following him. She later posted the video with the caption “I don’t understand @poncecarlos1 attitude if he gets such an excellent treatment at @danddsalon.” When Carlos reposted it, he wrote “I said only a trim.”

It’s great to see these two being so friendly after a breakup, but if you were thinking about a reconciliation, that might not be in the plans for now at least. Although Ximena is currently in Miami where she’s shooting the new Telemundo telenovela “La Fan” starring Angélica Vale, she has plans of moving to Los Angeles next year to keep developing her acting career in the English market. Meanwhile, you can catch Carlos Ponce on “Silvana Sin Lana” also on Telemundo every day at 8/7pm central.