After refurbishing its Messenger app for iOS, Android and the Web, Yahoo announced yesterday the release of the app on Windows and Mac.

Yahoo’s Messenger app for Windows and Mac is said to come with features that make app-based interactions convenient, fast and easy.

“Want to share photos from your latest vacation or simply spice up a message? Save precious time with our drag and drop feature to share multiple photos at once. Then, spread the love by ‘liking’ any posts or images that stand out to you,” Austin Shoemaker shared on Yahoo’s Tumblr page

Shoemaker is the senior director of Yahoo’s product management, and according to him, the desktop app is designed for multitasking, so users will not miss messages sent simultaneously by friends, family and colleagues. 

The new Messenger app of Yahoo also features an unsend button, VentureBeat has learned. 

The button allows users to retrieve and edit sent messages with typographical errors, logical mistakes and other issues. 

Writing about the unsend button, Shoemaker noted, “Sent that message too soon or caught a last-minute typo? Now you can take back a message, photo or GIF (yes, even after you’ve pressed send)!”

The release of the new Yahoo Messenger app comes after Verizon acquired the company for $4.8 billion, according to Forbes

Yahoo’s new Messenger app’s arrival is also very timely, since the company is realizing what it announced in early June that it will be shutting down its old legacy Messenger next month.

CNET reported that the legacy Yahoo Messenger app will officially shut down on Aug. 5. 

Furthermore, Yahoo launched the Messenger app for Mac and Windows amid the growing number of instant-messaging and texting apps on the different platforms that are mostly dominated by Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Snapchat. 

Windows and Mac owners who want to use Yahoo’s new Messenger app can download it here.