A three-year-old boy is dead after he was reportedly snatched by his aunt from his grandmother and then pushed into Lake Michigan.

The child was identified as Josiah “Jojo” Brown who passed away on Sunday, Sept. 25, after he was pushed at the Chicago tourist hotpots six days before due to the injuries he got from the incident.

The aunt was identified as Victoria Moreno, someone who allegedly took the young boy out for a day on the rides before eventually pushing the toddler into the lake while no one was watching.

It was added that the 34-year-old woman had a history of insomnia, depression and anxiety. She also has a history of snatching her nieces away in alleged “pseudo-kidnappings.”

The incident was reportedly captured by security videos showing how a woman pushed a child off the famous pier and did nothing but watch as the child struggled for 30 minutes, MailOnline reported.

It was added that Josiah vomited twice in the water before he eventually sank. His body would be collected later on by divers.

Josiah was seen floating on his back and just looking up at the sky, his head was the only thing that was bobbing above the water according to a witness in a report by the Chicago Sun-Times.

The three-year-old reportedly suffered a swollen brain, a depressed heart, seizures and bleeding in his lungs.

Initially, Moreno denied he knew Josiah before later on saying that he had been acting up and fell into the water. She added that she took the child out so he could go for rides.

The 34-year-old woman is now facing first-degree murder charges and aggravated battery of a child under the age of 13.

“So sorry for your loss. he’s forever an angel. rest easy little one..he’s always going to be with you and your family,” one message to the parents of Josiah read following the unfortunate loss.

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