Some of us want a new iPad for Christmas, others want a new car or a trip someplace extravagant, but all Zenya Hernandez wants is to see her missing daughter Abigail Hernandez at Christmas. In an open letter to Abigail posted on the Bring Abby Home website, Hernandez told her daughter how much she loves and misses her. Hernandez said she missed Abigail’s laugh and sense of humor and wants nothing more than to hug her daughter again. In the letter Hernandez said she hated having to communicate with Abigail online but knew no other way to contact her.  

In the letter dated Dec. 19 Hernandez writes, “Dear Abby, I love you so much! I hope you see this letter…your letter is the greatest gift I have ever received. I thank God every day you are alive! I miss hearing your voice and your sense of humor. You made me laugh so much and I miss it…I so want to see you again and hug you…please let me know what I can do to help you…When I see you again we can start a new life…I will do whatever it takes…please come home for Christmas.”

In Oct. 2013, 15-year-old Abigail Hernandez was last seen leaving Kennett High School in Conway, N.H. Three months later and police are still no closer to finding the girl. In an unprecedented turn of events, one week after Abigail vanished she sent her mother a letter. Hernandez immediately took her daughter’s letter to the police who, using experts were able to confirm that Abigail wrote the letter. Police made the announcement about Abigail’s letter in a press conference but would not give any detail about what the girl wrote.

At the press conference Jane Young the Associate New Hampshire Attorney General said “We are concerned for [Abigail’s] safety. She is not out there alone.” It is still unclear if Abigail Hernandez ran away from home or was abducted. Authorities are worried the girl is in the company of someone who is manipulating her into remaining away from her family. Police also worry the girl has become a target for sexual predators. To help in the effort to return Abby to her family visit the Bring Abbey Home website.