Zetas Leader
Ramiro Perez Ramos 'El Rama' being captured by Mexican authorities YouTube/NoticiasMVS

After the capture of Omar Treviño Morales “El Z42”, previous leader of “Los Zetas” cartel, Ramiro Pérez Ramos better known as “El Rama” was next on the list to assume the position. “El Rama” who is one of the 122 prime subjects of the Mexican Government was captured yesterday while State and Federal forces were executing an operation in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

Pérez Ramos, who was one of the 14 most wanted men in Tamaulipas, was apprehended next to gang members Carlos Roberto Hernández, “El Pato,” Humberto Eleuterio Gutiérrez Martínez, “El Sonrics,” Luis Rolando Caudillo Garza, “El Guicho," and Daniel Israel Peña de la Rosa, “El Piedrolo.” Officials reported that they stopped the criminals while they were transporting four lethal weapons, a grenade, ammunition only used by the Mexican Army, about 200 envelopes containing cocaine, and 2 packages with marihuana.

“El Rama” will be facing the following charges, internal combat with other cartels, defying authorities, kidnapping, extortion, human trafficking, and the handle of drugs and weapons between The United States and Mexico. This capture can be accredited to Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, the official in charge of implementing the security of Tamaulipas, his new strategy “Estrategia Conjunta de Seguridad Para Tamaulipas,” was presented May 14, 2014 and consists of a security plan that will “supposedly” gain back the control of the streets in Tamaulipas, and get rid of the amount of unnecessary violence caused by disputes between the cartels.

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