One out of five Puerto Ricans will become infected with Zika virus by the end of the year, experts have warned; alarming the rest of the U.S and creating serious challenges for the community where poverty is keeping many residents from basic preventative measures like window screens and health care. There are 117 confirmed cases of the disease in the Caribbean island, four times the number at the end of January, The Washington Post reports.

“I don’t think we’re going to be able to stop the Zika outbreak,” said Steve Waterman, chief of the CDC’s dengue branch, located on the city’s west side. “There will be a substantial Zika outbreak that will peak in the summer and fall. It’s likely that thousands of pregnant women will be exposed and infected, so that’s why our efforts are focused on protecting as many pregnant women as possible.”

In response to the raising threat, the governor has declared a public health emergency in the territory, while; the CDC has sent nearly 40 health workers to help, adding that the $1.8 billion President Obama requested to tackle the Zika outbreak included $250 million for Puerto Rico.