Actress Zoe Saldana and her sisters Mariel and Cisely sat down with YouTube star Nikki Baker and actress Mirtha Michelle to talk about their Holiday traditions as they all come from different backgrounds and culcures. The girls looked really fancy as they talked on a beautifully decorated table while sharing rosé champagne.

Mirtha starts the conversation by asking, “What are some of the Holiday traditions that you guys do?”

“On my mom side, we celebrate the holiday on Christmas Eve,” Baker replied. “You eat fish, you can’t eat meat, we go out for a walk, we look at the stars, and when we hear the bell ring at her house it means baby Jesus brought us our presents and we come back to the house and open them.”

Zoe then opens up and reveals that in her family, the presents arrive on “Nochebuena,” or Christmas Eve on December 24. “We have dinner, an amazing Caribbean dinner, we dance, we’re always dancing,” the actress confessed.

Cisely brought up to the table the Zaldana family “Boxing day” celebration, which is the day where they share all the things they can donate to others.

“Since we have dinner on the 24th, we spend the whole 25th playing or experimenting with our gifts, reading the manuals in case is an electronic device. And then, at night we watch a movie, an iconic movie, and then we’ll have Chinese food,” Zoe revealed.

The girls finish the video wishing “Feliz Navidad,” and celebrating friendship and the mix of cultures.

Share with us your Holiday traditions too. Check out Zoe's video below.