‘The Bachelor’ Winner Spoilers: Did Juan Pablo Dump Nikki Ferrell Already To Be With Singer Mayra Veronica? [RUMORS]

Juan Pablo Galavis, Mayra Veronica
Juan Pablo Galavis and Mayra Verónica spotted at a Miami Heat game in early February. Twitter/ Mayra Verónica

A lot of speculation has surrounded this season of “The Bachelor,” in which Juan Pablo Galavis became the first Latino to star on the show. Rumors have been circulating ever since way before the show started and the whole world can’t wait to see who will be the lucky lady that JuanPa chooses. It’s been said that the Venezuelan hunk ends up choosing Nikki Ferrell, the 26-year-old pediatric nurse, from Kearney Missouri, as guessed by TV blogger Reality Steve and later by Jimmy Kimmel, in an interview that left the bachelor blushing.

Reality Steve claims that Nikki will be accepting the final rose, but she will not be getting a diamond engagement ring. The TV blogger, claims that Juan Pablo did not propose to Nikki, however he does want a relationship with her. Instead of an engagement, Reality Steve states that Season 18 of “The Bachelor” ends with Juan Pablo “choosing” to be with Nikki. Nevertheless, this relationship that Juan Pablo has tried to maintain in the down-low until the show’s season finale, might already be on the rocks.

It was said that during a Miami Heat game on Feb. 7, Juan Pablo was seen cuddling and getting way too friendly with Cuban-American singer and model Mayra Verónica. The two reportedly met that night, when the performer stopped by to meet with her agent and was introduced to the Bachelor, who was enjoying the VIP perks of being in the spotlight.

According to Star magazine, a source who was at the game saw a “real connection” between the two, who were supposedly making out. "Juan Pablo and Mayra had never met before, but it was obvious to everyone that there was a real connection between them," the source said. "At one point Juan Pablo whispered something to Mayra and they both broke up laughing."

"Anyone's first impression of these two would have been that they make one seriously hot couple... I don't know what's happening on 'The Bachelor,' but it certainly looked as if there was a relationship brewing between those two. I wouldn't be surprised if they saw each other again," the source added.

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