Jose Mujica
Uruguay's former President José Mujica greets the crowd after handing over the presidential sash to Tabare Vazquez in Montevideo March 1, 2015. REUTERS/Carlos Pazos

Now former President of Uruguay José Mujica, was known for being considered the poorest Chief of State in the world, for his modest way of living amongst his many qualities. Mujica has been one of the most beloved politicians in South America, partly for making it his administration’s biggest goal to eliminate poverty by at least 50 percent. He created “Plan Juntos”, an initiative that helps low-resource families who are unprotected to build housing and donated a large percentage of his monthly salary to help the initiative.

At 79, ‘Pepe’ Mujica is a living legend that earned the love and respect of the Uruguayan people, leaving a powerful legacy behind as he hands over the presidential sash to newly elected President, Tabare Vazquez. We remember Mujica’s most celebrated quotes (and lessons) one last time:

1. “Politicians should live like the majority lives, not like the minority.”

2. “I’m not poor, I’m sober; light of baggage; I live only with what is necessary so material goods don’t steal my freedom.”

3. “Gay marriage is older than the world. We’ve had Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great. The say it’s a modern thing, but it’s older than all of us. It is a reality. It exists and not legalizing it would just be a useless form of torturing people.”

4. “I’m a man who thinks the best is always yet to come.”

5. “What’s getting so much attention in the world? That I love in a small house, with very few things and drive an old car? Is that news? Because then the world is crazy because they’re surprised of what’s normal.”

6. “Yes, I’m tired, but this doesn’t end until they take me in a coffin or I’ve become and old fool.”

7. “Life is a miracle. Nothing’s worth more than life.”

8. “I’m a peasant in the way I think and see life and nature.”

9. “Drug addiction is a punishment. It’s only worth it to be addicted to love.”

10. “I’m not addicted to living looking back because life is what’s ahead and there’s a sunrise every day.”

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