10 Latino Comedians You Should Be Following In 2017

Latino Comedians
Latino Comedians You Should Be Following In 2017! @TonioSkits/@lgndfrvr/@lelepons/@felixmejia/Instagram

Comedians are redirecting their humor in a massive way; decades ago standup comedy and comedy TV shows were the only platform for them to entertain the crowd.

The Internet provided a new path for communication; social media changed the way we interact, see, and perceive. Taking advantage of all things technology related, new generations of funny human beings are testing with success, the latest way to make people laugh.

Even though it’s hard to be social media-gracious - because you can go viral in a good way, in a bad way or simply be unnoticed; these Latino comedians are stealing the show and completely changing the game.

We exclusively spoke with Dominican, Miami-based comedian Felix Mejía about the new generation of Latino humorists. He says the secret ingredient to connect with the audience is genuinely film the videos with love and passion – plus the fact all of them are true to their Hispanic roots.

“Everything is so organic because we are very hands on,” explains Mejía to Latin Times. “We write the script, film and edit everything ourselves. We work hard and the fans notice it.”

For sure, if there is something Latinos know how to do, is entertain! Check these amazing sketches and don't forget to follow them on Instagram – be careful where you are, some of them will make you laugh out loud!

@FELIXMEJIA (Dominican Republic)

@lgndfrvr (Mexico)

@youngswagon (Dominican Republic)

@itssblakee (Panamá)

@lelepons (Venezuela)

@LeJuanJames (Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic)

@TonioSkits (Dominican Republic)

@Duckinss (Panamá)

@Diquemoreno (Dominican Republic/Portugal)

@Katalinao_ (Colombia)


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