Christmas is a time of giving and reunions. As people get together and hold parties, aside from food everyone wants to make it memorable and fun. 

There are many ideas to enliven the gatherings and have everyone enjoy the get-togethers. Aside from drinking, another one way is to set up games. For adult parties, here are 10 naughty and nice games that will spice up the night or day. 

Spin the bottle 

This is also being played by the youngsters but for the adult edition, there is a bottle that can be bought. A glass of alcoholic drinks are placed to form a circle, the bottle is spun and whatever drink it points to, the player must drink it in one shot. 

Another way to play this is to follow the penalties written on the base where the bottle is spin. Here’s how to play it. 

Truth or Shots 

This is similar to spin the bottle but in this game, there are only two options. Someone will spin the bottle (any bottle) and whomever the head points to, he or she will be asked if they want to choose “truth or shot.” 

For truth, they will be asked a question which must be answered truthfully or else, choosing shot will require the person to drink a glass of alcoholic drink. Here are printables that can be used for the game.  

Lap Game

Although this is usually played on bachelor or bachelorette parties, this can also be played on Christmas get-togethers. This can run for a long time and questions that will be answered with a “yes” or “no” should be prepared. Here’s how to play it. 

Drink If 

This is a game that can be played for many rounds. The rule is simple - those who meet the criteria must drink. A cocktail or hard drinks could be served here. 

This is a variation of the “Never have I ever” and here’s a list of things to say for this game. To make it funnier, go for the most embarrassing situations!

Carve an eggplant or cucumber  

This is indeed a naughty game to play for adult Christmas gatherings. Women are given a cucumber or an eggplant and they must sculpt it to look like a penis. First to finish in the given time wins the game. 

Swing the Banana

This is simple but fun and that are needed are bananas, string and round fruit. The banana is tied on one end of the string and it is tied around the waist. The banana is used to push the round fruit to the finish line. Here’s how it is played

There are actually a lot of adult party games you can find on the internet. And we’re sure that the next time you’ll have an all-adults party, everybody will have a good laugh.

Christmas Song Lyrics Game

This is a fun game that requires music. Play Christmas songs in the background while the player draws a card in the stack. He or she must guess the missing word in the song. Get the card printables here

Ornament Guessing Game

This is a nice way to start the Christmas party. The guests just need to make a guess as to how many ornaments are on the Christmas tree. They will place their name and guess on a paper and dropped in a box, at the end of the party, those who can guess the number will win a prize. 

Santa Limbo

Players must place a pillow under their shirt for that "Santa belly" look. Each one will have to limbo or go under the stick and must pass with their huge belly. The stick is adjusted to lower height and the one who can pass through with at the lowest height wins. See how it is played here.