Investigators are finding loopholes in the follow-up to the report about a 12-year-old schoolboy, whose death was allegedly attributed to bullying. The medical examiner’s office released a statement on Monday, stating that Romy Vilsaint suffered no clear signs of physical trauma at the time of his death.

While further probe into the incident is underway-- to unravel the cause and manner of death-- the latest finding pertaining to the boy’s death has stoked suspicions.

Vilsaint, as reported by his family, had complained of an excruciating headache on the eve of his death. “My mom [Romy’s aunt] found the vomit in the bucket and gave him a shower,” said Romy’s cousin, Roodwiny Exantus, to Daily News.

“She said he couldn’t walk. He was in cardiac arrest. His heart stopped,” said Exantus. “He didn’t have any medical problems. He was good until Thursday,” he further enthused.

Vilsant was pronounced dead on Friday at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn after he was transported by EMS for complaints of headache. It was further reported that Vilsant was absent at school on Friday after he was physically drained out due to the back-to-back days of bullying. Cops on Saturday maintained that Vilsaint was punched in the head by a classmate over a deal of $1.

The family backed the statement with claims of two boys who brutally struck Vilsaint at the back of his head on Wednesday just after school ended. This was the first instance of an attack, which was subsequently followed by another the next day when another boy came forward to punch Vilsant in the back of the head for $1.

The Department of Education has called Vilsaint's death a "tragedy" in recent statements to the press, and swore to take more proactive steps to curb such unfortunate incidents, as cited by NBC New York.

“The safety of our young people is our absolute priority and this incident will be thoroughly investigated, and we are providing supports to both the family and school community," spokesperson Nathaniel Styer said. The Department of Education is likely to move Vilsaint's case to an independent body for investigation.

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