José Ron and Ariadne Díaz
José Ron and Ariadne Díaz Courtesy TelevisaUnivision

José Ron is making a grand return to the telenovela scene. After 12 years, the Mexican TV galán is teaming up again with the talented Ariadne Díaz in the highly anticipated TelevisaUnivision production "Papás por conveniencia."

Known for their chemistry in the 2012 hit "La mujer del vendaval," Ron and Díaz are set to bring their magic back to the screen under seasoned producer Rosy Ocampo, who has previously delivered successes like the "Vencer" series

A Turkish remake

"Papás por conveniencia" also boasts a robust ensemble cast including names such as África Zavala, Ferdinando Valencia, Ernesto Laguardia, and the nostalgic returns of Daniela Luján and Martín Ricca from "El diario de Daniela." María Chacón and Miguel Martínez, from "Alegrijes y Rebujos," will be there as well.

This telenovela, a remake of the Turkish hit "KIZIM," explores the dynamic and evolving nature of modern families, focusing on cases where step-siblings and new parental figures become part of daily life. The original production was broadcast by Telemundo under the name "Todo por mi hija."

The plot centers on Tino, portrayed by José Ron, a single father who unexpectedly discovers he has two additional teenage children from his former high school classmate and current business magnate Aidé, played by Ariadne Díaz. The story follows their journey as they navigate the complexities of forming a new family unit and the challenges that arise from a union initially born out of convenience.

Family, Nostalgia, and Music

For the Mexican version of the story, renowned producer Rosy Ocampo has crafted a narrative that delves into three primary themes: blended family, nostalgia, and music. According to official numbers, over 40% of Mexican families are reconstituted, and a similar number of Latino families in the U.S. fit that description as well. This telenovela resonates with many viewers by portraying relatable family dynamics.

The nostalgia element is heightened by including actors who were iconic figures in childhood telenovelas, bridging generations of viewers. This plays a pivotal role in "Papás por conveniencia," as the production revisits and incorporates memorable themes from beloved children's telenovelas, adding an emotional layer to the story that appeals to both new and long-time fans of the genre.

José Ron is back

José Ron's return to telenovelas comes after his recent project, "El Gallo de Oro," in which he starred alongside Lucero for Vix, showcasing his versatility and commitment to diverse roles. Before this, Ron had an illustrious period of nonstop work, establishing himself as one of Televisa's most reliable and bankable male leads, often compared to other leading men like Sebastián Rulli.

The production of "Papás por conveniencia" has already generated significant buzz, especially with the return of Ron and Díaz, whose off-screen friendship and previous on-screen chemistry add a layer of authenticity and excitement to the project.

Televisa announced the premiere on October 21, 2024, on Las Estrellas. Univision hasn't said yet if it will air in the U.S.

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