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MIAMI - Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli have been romantically involved for more than a decade, but they have been a couple on screen for longer since their ill-fated relationship in the iconic 2010 telenovela "Teresa." Overall, they have portrayed lovers on a total of five projects. However, none of them required the level of intimacy that they show in their new series, "El extraño retorno de Diana Salazar," now available in Vix.

Predictably, their previous projects together were for broadcast TV. After "Teresa" came "Lo que la vida me robó," then "Tres veces Ana," and "Romper el pasado." Their love scenes had to be tamer. However, the passion that their romance required in "Diana Salazar" was something else.

The series, a remake of a telenovela of the same name starring the legendary Mexican actress Lucía Méndez, tells the story of a couple that fell in love in the 1600s. Evil forces, including a sadist Spanish inquisitor, separated them, and they have been reincarnating and trying to stay together ever since. The action jumps between the time when the couple met for the first time and the present, where Diana Salazar (Boyer) and Mario (Rulli) are doctors. It's a captivating tale of love, supernatural phenomena, and the eternal question of reincarnation.

Always the last time between Rulli and Boyer

"We always think the public is going to get tired of seeing us together," admitted Boyer during an interview with the Latin Times in Miami. "So when a new project comes along, we are always surprised." Next to her was Rulli, nodding with his head. "Actually, I only came aboard this project at the last minute. It was a big surprise—a good surprise. We had a blast," he added.

VIX's subscribers are having a blast as well. Rulli and Boyer are one of the most beloved couples in entertainment. Together or apart, they seem to have the Midas touch. They haven't had a flop, and "El extraño retorno de Diana Salazar" is no exception. The series has been ruling as number one on the TelevisaUnivision streaming platform since day one.

The production value is spectacular, the locations impeccable, "We were immersed in both worlds for 17 weeks," revealed Boyer, who loved the scenes in the past in spite of the uncomfortable clothing. "I had to wear a metal contraption to respect the fashion of the times. It gave me much bigger hips, which I loved, let me be honest, but together with the corset, breathing and even moving around were a little bit of an ordeal," she said.

Beliefs on Reincarnation

A significant theme in "El Extraño Retorno de Diana Salazar" is reincarnation, with characters finding each other across centuries. Both Latino actors have their own unique perspectives on the subject.

Despite the outfits, she enjoyed the locations in an old hacienda in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. "We filmed in historic places. There was one where they brought slaves to the country. It made me aware of the savagery of the times and gave us another perspective on the story we were trying to tell," Boyer added. Considering that the Diana Salazar story revolves around reincarnation, both actors admitted there was something chilling about certain places.

"I believe in the possibility of past lives. There's something poetic about the idea that our souls continue to journey and find each other across different lifetimes," said Boyer.

"You feel the energy of the places," added Rulli, who started the project as a reincarnation skeptic. However, the experience has made him more appreciative of those feelings of meeting a person for the first time but feeling like you have known them forever. "I'm not entirely sure, but the concept is intriguing. It offers a sense of continuity and purpose beyond our current existence," he said.

Steamy Scenes and On-Screen Chemistry

"We have been practicing sex scenes for the last 10 years," said a cheeky Sebastián Rulli when asked about the rehearsal process. They were as exposed as they have ever been while working. "It was very uncomfortable even considering the fact that it was us. It would have been a lot more difficult to work with somebody who is not your partner in real life," he admitted. However, that added an extra challenge.

"We wanted the public to see the characters, not Angelique and Sebastián. They know us as a couple in real life, and the idea was for them to forget that and just see Leonor and Eduardo," said Boyer, referring to the names of their characters in the past.

"El extraño retorno de Diana Salazar"

Produced by Carlos Bardasano, led W Studios for VIX, and with Arap Bethke as antagonist, the series succeeds in showing the journey of those two lovers through time, love, and the unknown. Its a brilliant adaptation of the original telenovela. If anything, the only complaint is that the first season only includes the first eight episodes, leaving the audience on a cliffhanger that promises an unannounced second season. Rulli and Boyer have once again proven why they are among the top Latino actors in the industry, delivering performances that resonate with depth and authenticity.

For those yet to experience this supernatural drama, the series is available on ViX, promising a blend of romance, intrigue, and a touch of the paranormal that will leave viewers enthralled. As Boyer aptly puts it, "It's a story that challenges our perceptions of reality and love, making us question what's possible beyond our current understanding."

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