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MIAMI - The fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF4) may have ended a week and a half ago, but the controversies it generated are far from over asTelemundo is still reeling from a series of scandals involving its stars and production practices.

The participants of the hit reality show's fourth seaso,n including winner Maripily Rivera, haven't kept quiet about everything that went on during the four months they were inside La Casa. There have been threats of lawsuits, tell-alls, and more. A Top executive was fired and Telemundo is keeping quiet. "We don't comment on anything related to our employees," said the network to the Latin Times.

The LCDLF4 may be over, but Spanish TV television has been rocked to its core.

Telemundo fires top executive in charge of LCDLF4

Previously considered essential to the network's reality strategy, Puerto Rican TV executive Francisco Ponce, the Vice President of Casting at Telemundo, was recently fired amidst allegations of misconduct related to "La Casa de los Famosos 4."

There had been reports of him allegedly approving use of coercive tactics with contestants, which came to light after former contestant Thalí García accused the production team of drugging and manipulating her during her time on the show​.

"As of today, there is no formal lawsuit, the issue of her accusations against Telemundo, against me," said Ponce to the website Las Top News. "Unfortunately, I am the face of Telemundo, there are talents who will never know who is who. Francisco carries a little weight, with that of being the one who is visible to the talent."

He also revealed that there had been disagreements between himself and the network about the kind of talents he wanted to include in Telemundo reality shows.

"The company has to recognize that we are having 4 big reality shows a year, and the same talent ends up being recycled. The truth is that the talent that wants to participate in reality shows is very little... I think the company and I have a different way of thinking. I would like to try other talents and possibilities and not always use the same ones. We had a disagreement about who should be part of the show," he added.

Thalí García's explosive allegations

The first big scandal surrounding La Casa de los Famosos exploded after Mexican actress Thalí García "escaped" La Casa. Days later, in a candid Instagram Live session, she claimed she was "kidnapped" and "drugged" while participating in the program.

García's account described being forced to take anxiety pills and other medications without proper disclosure. She also mentioned an in-house psychologist who allegedly misled her about her family's wellbeing.

"I felt trapped and betrayed," García shared during her live session. "They made me take pills against my will and lied about my family's situation to control me." These claims have led to widespread criticism of Telemundo's practices and a broader conversation about the treatment of reality TV contestants​.

The actress is still on the attack against Telemundo. When Ponce's firing was announced, she called him "my harasser." García has announced an upcoming book and more revelations, as well as the possibility of the threatened lawsuit.

Legal threats from top contestants

Fourth season winner Maripily Rivera has also threatened legal action against anyone using her image without permission​. Known for her bold personality, the Puerto Rican celebrity and businesswoman has been vocal about her rights and has warned unauthorized parties against exploiting her likeness.

"I will not tolerate anyone using my image without my consent," Rivera declared in an interview with Molusco TV​. In the show, she also revealed that she made $15,000 per week while staying in La Casa. Since she won the reality, Rivera also ended up with the $200,000 grand prize.

Fans are also anxiously waiting to see if Lupillo Rivera, the winner of third place, will introduce a promised lawsuit against Maripily Rivera and other members of the so called "Team Tierra" for defamation of character. He was accused of harassment and of being a misogynist.

Many also want to know if he will return next year for the fifth edition of the show "La Casa de los Famosos All Stars," with previous contestants.

Guty Carrera's harassment claims

Adding to the tumult, on Monday, Ecuadorian actor and reality TV star Guty Carrera accused fellow contestant Isis Serrath of harassment​. Carrera's allegations have added another layer of controversy, as he detailed instances of inappropriate behavior that have raised concerns about the show's environment and the aftermath.

"I was constantly harassed, and it made my time on the show unbearable," Carrera stated in a recent interview. These claims have further complicated the network's efforts to manage the series' public image.

Impact on ratings and upcoming seasons

Despite these scandals, Telemundo has confirmed that the fifth season of La Casa de los Famosos next year will include previous contestants, although the network hasn't specified if this will include previous winners. Lupillo Rivera has been asking fans on social media if they would support his return for a second round on the show. Voting sessions on social media are promoting former contestants, but it is unlikely that the cast will be announced anytime soon.

La Casa de los Famosos traditionally starts in January. However, Telemundo still has a long way to go until then, and the ratings are not in its favor. While the network was the leader in prime time among Spanish-language broadcasters during the four months of the reality show, and even peaked at number one across the country regardless of language during the finale of the fourth season, it lost the position once LCDLF4 ended.

The broadcast television landscape is difficult, and the network seems to have chosen to walk the very thin line between controversy and damaging allegations. What are the lasting consequences of the most complicated season of their flagship reality? Will they develop new rules and practices? Will the threatened lawsuits find their way to the courts? It's too soon to tell, but its hard to imagine that the whole thing ends here.

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