Jenni Rivera and Lupillo Rivera song 'Que me entierren cantando'
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MIAMI - Jenni Rivera's children released on Tuesday a new version of the iconic "Qué Me Entierren Cantando," the heartfelt collaboration between La Diva de la Banda and her brother, Lupillo Rivera. The song, in norteño style, is a birthday gift for their uncle.

The cover art for the song is a photo taken of the siblings just days before Jenni's unfortunate passing. It was during their time together on stage in Texcoco, Mexico State, on November 30th, 2012.

A surprising coincidence

"The release date was set well in advance, before anybody new about their uncle's plans," representatives from Jenni Rivera Enterprises told The Latin Times. This timing fortuitously coincided with the fact that Lupillo Rivera is spending his 52nd birthday away from family and friends as the renowned singer-songwriter is currently a cast member in the fourth season of Telemundo's hit reality show, "La Casa de los Famosos."

On monday night, during the 24-hour YouTube live stream showcasing events inside the house, Lupillo was shown with in tears in his eyes. He later revealed that he was missing his children. The unexpected release of the song is poised to introduce an additional layer of sentiment to the occasion.

Jenni Rivera and Lupillo Rivera's moving reconciliation

Before that November meeting, the siblings hadn't talked to each other for two years. They never spoke publicly about it.

"Our careers have nothing to do with it. Music has nothing to do with it. Some mistakes were made that should have never been made, and when people don't apologize, then you don't know how to forgive, or you can't forgive if you don't get an apology," Lupillo told El Diario at the time. "Now, if she wants to explain it, then let her explain it."

Jenni Rivera mended the rift between them by unexpectedly appearing at his show in Texcoco. Tragically, this would be their final encounter, as she passed away just nine days later.


November 30th, 2012: On this day 11 years ago, Jenni went to surprise her brother Lupillo by attending his concert in Texcoco, Mexico. Jenni joined Lupillo on stage to sing a few songs together. It was the last time Jenni ever saw her brother Lupillo.#jennirivera #lupillorivera #jenniriveratiktok #ladivadelabanda #mariposadebarrio #chiquis #chiquisrivera #foryourpage

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Jenni and Lupillo Rivera's duet

Growing up, Lupillo and Jenni Rivera were notably close, sharing a strong sibling bond. Despite being only two and a half years his senior, Jenni's presence played a significant role in his early years.

They were also the only two of the six Rivera Saavedra children who found success in the music business, although their siblings Gustavo Rivera and Juan Rivera also tried repeatedly. They shared challenges, advice, and frustrations with the rest of the family.

Juan Rivera and Lupillo Rivera are currently embattled in a feud over alleged rights to songs. In 2023, Juan also accused Jenni Rivera's oldest daughter, Chiquis, of "stealing" a song.

"Que Me Entierren Cantando"

Lupillo Rivera premiered the first version of the duet in February 2020 during the last episode of "La Academia," a TV Azteca reality. Hearing the voices of the two siblings together was very moving for their fans. Lupillo managed to sing through the tears in a very poignant duet with his dead sister.

This new version of "Que Me Entierren Cantando" in norteño, a subgenre of música regional mexicana loved by Jenni Rivera, is as special. Maybe more, considering that her brother will hear about it on his very isolated birthday.

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