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In the 11 years since Jenni Rivera's death, her family has unraveled. The familia Rivera has been marked by deep divisions and disputes. Allegations and suspicions have overshadowed the legacy of La Diva de la Banda and the music of her oldest daughter Chiquis Rivera and her brother Lupillo Rivera.

This year, the tumultuous environment among grandparents, uncles, cousins, and siblings has been characterized by threats, lawsuits, and unresolved issues. The icing on the cake was a new conspiracy theory regarding Jenni. According to some of her fans, her ghost was in the audience during Chiqui's concert last weekend.

Pedro Rivera and Rosa Rivera are questioned as abuelos

Jenni Rivera was close to her parents, and her daughter Chiquis was the cherished first grandchild of Pedro and Rosa Rivera. They helped care for Chiquis while Jenni pursued her career. After Jenni's death in 2012, her parents provided support for the grandchildren.

Recently, however, familial relations have soured. Jenni's children, Jacqie and Johnny, now leading Jenni Rivera Enterprises, have sued two of Pedro Rivera's recording companies over Jenni's image rights and royalties from her early recordings.


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After dismissing their aunt Rosie and uncle Juan Rivera from Jenni Rivera Enterprises, accusing them of fraud, Jenni's children have faced a harsh response. Rosa Rivera, their grandmother, reignited rumors about Chiquis's alleged affair with Jenni Rivera's estranged husband, Esteban Loaiza, exacerbating family tensions.

Rosa Rivera also labeled Jenni Rivera's youngest children, Johnny and Jenicka, as "lazy", overlooking Johnny's active role in his mother's company and his music production, as well as Jenicka's success as a well-known influencer and owner of a plus-size women's clothing company. Chiquis has been forcefully defending her siblings, while the fans of Jenni and her children are questioning the abuelos.

Juan Rivera may sue Chiquis

When Jenni Rivera gave birth to Chiquis, her uncle Juan Rivera was just 8 years old. Their close bond lasted for years but frayed when Jenni sided with her siblings after they fired him and Rosie Rivera from Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

Recently, Juan Rivera disclosed his intent to sue Chiquis for rights to her popular song "Abeja Reina," claiming it was composed by an artist from his record label. "I am doing it because if you allow somebody to get away with something like that, they will do it over and over again," he explained in Telemundo's show "En Casa con Telemundo."

This week, Chiquis revealed in X that she didn't feel safe, implying she had received death threats. "I have only spoken about what's in my heart. My point of view. But I am making it clear that if something happens to me, you know where it came from," she wrote.

Without specifying details, Chiquis hinted at fears, leading fans to assume she referred to her mother's family. Juan Rivera, responding on Instagram, offered assistance for whatever was causing her fear.

Jenni Rivera's ghost

On December 1st, Chiquis performed at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex in Los Angeles. With the 11th anniversary of Jenni Rivera's death approaching and amidst family drama, fans of La Diva de la Banda are increasingly reflective. Some even believe that Jenni's spirit was present in the audience, supporting her daughter.

There is also the fact that Jenni Rivera's death itself was surrounded by inconsistencies and mysteries, with various theories about the cause of the plane crash ranging from technical failure to a deliberate attack ordered by drug cartel leaders.However, these remain speculations without concrete evidence.

The reality is that regardless of the problems of la familia Rivera, the legacy of Jenni Rivera continues through posthumous music releases and tributes. As her children and her fans say: Jenni Vive!

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