It’s been almost a year and a half since Jenni Rivera’s death and more speculation surrounding her passing keeps surfacing. In a YouTube video posted just a week after La Diva de la Banda’s untimely death, a man’s voice can be heard predicting the singer’s tragic end. However, for some reason, it is now that the footage is making rounds online. Rivera lost her life in a plane crash in the early hours of December 9, 2012 after performing in La Arena de Monterrey the night before.

The singer closed her show with her hit Paloma Negra, a song said to be dedicated to her daughter, Chiquis. During what would be her final performance ever, a man is heard shouting among the screaming fans, “Hoy la matan,” which translates to “She will be killed today.” Since the video was posted by a fan, it’s still unclear if the audio was somewhat altered. So far Jenni’s family has not commented about it.

UPDATE: Jenni Rivera's dad, Pedro Rivera has made some comments about the video. Read here!

However, one thing is for sure. When she was alive, Rivera was outspoken about several death threats she got throughout her life, and although she didn’t pay much attention to them, her brother Juan used to accompany her fulfill her busy schedule, providing her a sense of security and protection. This “newly discovered” audio, is fueling all the speculation surrounding Jenni’s death, reviving the theory that it wasn’t an accident, but a planned murder.

So far, investigations surrounding Jenni Rivera’s plane crash are still ongoing, but Mexico's National Office of Civil Aeronautics revealed a technical report claiming that although there's no way of determining a single cause of the accident because of the "high degree of destruction of the aircraft," there were some factors that were key in the plane failure. According to the report, the pilot didn't really follow through with the proper regulations before flying and didn't allow log entries about faults like the fact that the plane vibrated once it reached the desired speed.

In addition, the plane wasn't properly aligned. The pilot also didn't have the necessary permits to fly, while the co-pilot wasn't allowed to fly the aircraft outside of the United States territory. The sudden and abrupt decontrol of the aircraft with altitude and speed changes, caused the beginning of a loss of control during the ascent phase. According to radar images, in the last 2:50 minutes of flight of the aircraft, there may have been a fault in the horizontal stabilizer that could've cause the collapse and, therefore, an uncontrollable vertical drop.

After the audio of Jenni’s last concert started making rounds online, people are becoming less likely to believe in official reports and insist La Gran Señora’s death was a homicide. What do you think? Watch the video below and listen to the creepy warning on the minute 02:20.