Lupillo Rivera drops corrido about family betrayals
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The rift between brothers Lupillo Rivera and Juan Rivera is set to get worse this week, and their relationship could be impossible to repair after the fourth season of Telemundo's reality show "La Casa de Los Famosos" (LCDLF4) begins on January 23, bringing the Rivera family drama once again into the spotlight.

The origins of the discord between the siblings and música mexicana artists remain unclear, marked by several incidents that have fractured their familial relationship. First came their profoundly different approaches to what should be done with their sister Jenni Rivera's remains. Then, a notable event occurred at a party where Lupillo allegedly tried to fight Juan during the birthday celebration of his wife, Brenda, sparking a family scandal.

Further deepening the rift, Juan has accused Lupillo of taking credit for songs he composed and even offered to meet him in an alley for a fight, while Lupillo has claimed to have provided financial support to Juan in his times of need.

Lupillo Rivera raises the heat

The controversy reached a new level with the teaser of a new corrido from Lupillo Rivera, shared on his official social media accounts. In the snippet, Lupillo references lending money and feeding those who now speak ill of him, some of whom are his own blood. This bold statement in song form is expected to provoke a significant reaction from Juan, intensifying the ongoing battle within the Rivera dynasty.

Jacqie Rivera, daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, expressed her support for Lupillo in the comments, stating, "I can hear it in your voice. You're turning your pain into purpose. I love you, tío." This show of solidarity highlights the complex dynamics within the Rivera family, as they navigate their public and private disputes.

Lupillo's track is set to be released later this week. This latest development in the Rivera family feud continues to captivate fans of regional Mexican music as they eagerly await the next chapter in this ongoing saga.

Lupillo Rivera is getting ready to enter LCDLF4

As Lupillo Rivera prepares to enter "La Casa de los Famosos," a reality show known for its dramatic twists and turns, viewers are bracing for potential new revelations and escalations in the family feud. Juan Rivera was part of the cast on season 3 and produced juicy content for the fans.

The Rivera family, prominent in the regional Mexican music scene, continues to be a subject of fascination for many, with their public disputes and artistic contributions generating both admiration and controversy. As the family saga unfolds, the music and personal stories of the Rivera siblings remain a compelling narrative in the world of Latin music and entertainment.

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