Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” star Anne Winters recently opened up about her character, Chloe, in the Netflix series. The actress also shared her thoughts about Bryce’s (Justin Prentice) death.

While speaking with Hollywood Life, Winters said that Chloe will take center stage in the upcoming episodes after learning that she’s pregnant with Bryce’s baby. And since Bryce will be killed off, Chloe would have to learn how to navigate through life as a single parent.

But the biggest storyline for Season 3 would have to do with revealing the identity of Bryce’s killer. There are speculations on who might have taken the controversial character’s life. And Winters admitted that even she was shocked when she found out who killed Bryce.

The actress also talked about the reactions of fans after they learned that Bryce will be killed off. Since the character isn’t necessarily a good person, fans couldn’t help but express their delight over the murder storyline. But Winters has a different stand on the matter.

“People even on the internet are like, ‘Oh, he deserved it,’” she said. “I think that this season will really change that view because no one deserves that and I feel like you end up seeing more redeeming qualities than maybe in the first two seasons, and I see different sides. You see more relationships that he had,” she added.

Winters also said that the other characters will be impacted by Bryce’s sudden death because the incident will be traumatizing for them. After all, even though they aren’t best friends with the character, they see him in school every single day.

Meanwhile, another thing that fans can expect from “13 Reasons Why” Season 13 is that it will have several flashbacks. This means that even though Hannah (Katherine Langford) has been killed off as early as Season 1, she will still be part of the hit series.

In related news, Entertainment Weekly came up with a list of possible suspects in Bryce’s murder. The publication said that the most likely suspect for Bryce’s murder is Justin (Brandon Flynn).

Justin still hasn’t moved on from the fact that Bryce raped Hannah and Jessica (Alisha Boe). And as such, he may take revenge on their behalf.

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