14-Year-Old Student Sells Marijuana Candy In Florida School; Mother Arrested For Allegedly Making Them

Christine Lidia Arguelles
Christine Lidia Arguelles is detained in Paul Rein Detention Facility. Photo: Screenshot / Broward Sheriff’s Office

Police of Coconut Creek, Florida, arrived at Christine Lidia Arguelles's home after her 14-year-old daughter sold candy to a minor that had to get medical attention after consuming the sweets.

Inside the refrigerator, dozens of marijuana gummies were found. Allegedly, Lidia Arguelles’s daughter sold them for $10. According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, the mother started yelling to the girl, but the scene ended with the imprisonment of Arguelles, charged with several counts, including child neglect and possession of drugs with the intention of selling, and a $ 100,000 bail.

Marijuana Gummies The marijuana gummies found inside the refrigerator of Christine Lidia Arguelles. Photo: Screenshot / Noticias 23

Detectives wrote in the arrest report “Immediately began yelling at (her daughter), ‘Look what you did! You brought these cops into my house! You thought you were going to make some money?’” The report also says Arguelles told her daughter that she “…messed everything up.”

police report Christine Lidia Arguelles's warrant. Photo: Screenshot/ Noticias 23

The situation raised concerns among parents at Lyons Creek Middle School. As reported by News 23, Vanessa Velazquez, the mother of one of the students, said the principal of the educational facility is not working. "I know something has to happen. The principal of the school is not doing his job and they have to take it out," said the women who also received an audio message in which the school address reported the event.

This is not the first time Arguelles, 33, faces the authorities. According to judicial documents, she had been arrested on two previous occasions for child negligence in 2009. This time the judge refused to reduce the amount of bail and decided to take custody of her three children.

The Broward School District issued a statement encouraging parents to "talk to their children about the danger of these products," and recalled that action will be taken against students who trade this type of substances.

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