The parents of a teen girl, who allegedly posted nudes on social media, are on the road to recovery after they suffered heart attacks after learning about it.

The 15-year-old girl belong to from Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India and was offered a mobile phone and a separate room in order for her to get better grades and improve performance at school. But the teenager reportedly misused her newfound freedom and urged cousins to follow her lead. It is yet to be noted as to what motivated the girl to post photographs of her private parts online. A further probe is likely to be underway.

The teen’s parents were aghast by the developments and alerted counselors about the instance by dialling 181. It is yet to be disclosed as to whether the girl has enrolled for detailed therapy as yet. However, she was counseled and persuaded to delete her social media account for good.

The Times of India reported that the girl was unflinching in her resolve to get on with posting inappropriate photographs online. Her parents, fortunately, had a quick recovery.

The girl doesn’t face any charges now, as counselors learned that she committed the cybercrime on the grounds of gross negligence. Experts however advised the girl that the act came under the purview of online crimes, and was warned with serious consequences for doing something similar, the Times Now Network reported.

According to a recent report, a survey by the outlet highlighted that between Jan. 1 and July 31 this year, one woman on an average fell prey to cybercrime in Ghaziabad. A total of 219 cases is said to have been reported under the IT Act 2021, which is a steep 13% rise from the last year.

While investigations are on, a police officer alleged that cyber crimes were at an all-time high, and reportedly filed under objectionable content. On Aug. 1, a 22-year-old hacker was apprehended by cops after it came to light that he was harassing a banker in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. The youth, who used to sell coconut water, confessed to selling obscene videos to the woman after he chanced upon her number. Officers retrieved over 80 such inappropriate videos from the man at the time of questioning.

A representational image.
A representational image. Pixelkult/Pixabay