A 16-year-old boy reportedly killed himself out of fear after his parents discovered that he was not present in his school hostel in Attur, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India on Monday, March 28.

The teen student, identified as J Dinesh, son of Jayaraj from Karumandurai in Salem, was reportedly in eleventh grade at Government Boys Higher Secondary School in Attur, Salem, Tamil Nadu. On Monday, March 28, after coming to know that his parents had arrived at the hostel and discovered that he was not present there, Dinesh reportedly got scared and proceeded to take his own life by hanging a noose on the premises of the hostel for Adi Dravidar and Tribal students in Attur, DT Next reported.

Dinesh, who used to stay and study from the school hostel, reportedly frequently venture out to do some casual work and make pocket money on the side during the holidays. However, whenever he headed out, he used to give false excuses saying that he was going to visit his home and parents.

Similarly, on Friday, March 25, Dinesh left the school hostel telling them that he was going home to meet his relatives. However, instead of going home, he went to work as a cook at a marriage function being held at Chidambaram. Meanwhile, Dinesh's parents, who had come to the hostel to visit him, were shocked to know that their son was not present there. When Dinesh returned to the hostel a few days later, on Sunday night, March 27, he came to know about his parent’s visit.

Dinesh, who reportedly got scared thinking about how his parents would react to the situation, was also stressed about an inquiry being launched by the hostel warden about his disappearance. Out of fear, the boy decided to end his life and hanged himself to death at the hostel using a nylon rope tied to a tree.

When the hostel warden discovered his body the next day, he alerted the authorities and a team of police officers rushed to the spot. The officers later sent the body of the deceased for a postmortem examination at the Attur Government Hospital.

Teen hanging dead
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