A man allegedly killed himself after his wife broke his mobile phone and reprimanded him for speaking with another woman in Sunguvarchathram, Tamil Nadu, India on Monday, March. 7.

Krishna, 22, a private company employee who hails from Uttar Pradesh, India, reportedly married his wife Pooja a year ago. Recently, however, his wife reportedly began suspecting that Krishna was having an affair with another woman.

On Monday, she sternly reprimanded her husband after she saw him texting an unidentified number on his phone. After an irate Pooja broke his phone following an emotional confrontation, Krishna allegedly took his own life by hanging a noose from the veranda of their home, the Times Of India reported.

On Monday, March. 7, Pooja returned to their home in Sunguvarchatram after spending some six months in her hometown. While the couple was catching up during their first meeting in six months, Pooja observed Krishna seemingly being uninterested and messaging someone else on his mobile phone.

Later, when Pooja went to prepare food for them, Krishna started talking to an unknown caller on his phone. Pooja later noticed that Krishna was still preoccupied with his phone even an hour after she had finished all her housework. When Pooja subsequently inquired about the person Krishna was chatting with, the husband assured her that he was only talking to a female colleague.

Pooja, who suspected him of having an affair with the woman, engaged in a heated argument with Krishna. During the confrontation, she grabbed the mobile phone from his hands and broke it. Following this, Pooja went inside her room and locked herself in. Krishna allegedly proceeded to kill himself by hanging a noose from the ceiling of the verandah.

After Pooja left her room a half-hour later, she was left aghast to find Krishna hanging lifeless from the ceiling. Hearing Pooja's screams for help, neighbors rushed to the scene, made the gruesome discovery, and alerted the police.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a 15-year-old boy identified as Russel Mohammed, reportedly took his own life by hanging a noose from the ceiling fan in his room, after his mother took away his mobile phone in Idukki, Kerala, India on Nov. 26, 2021, Latin Times reported.

Mohammed's mother reportedly found him using his cellular phone at around early 4 a.m. on Nov. 26, 2021 and proceeded to take it away saying he was spending too much time in front of screens. When Mohammed asked his mother for the mobile phone back later that morning, she reportedly refused to hand it over, sternly saying that she will return the phone only if he spends time studying till noon.

Mohammed's mother then left the home for some errands. However, when she returned around 1 p.m., she found that her son's room was locked from the inside. Following this, she forcibly opened the latched door and found Mohammed hanging limp from the ceiling of his room.

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