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A 17-year-old teen unexpectedly collapsed and died while he was performing his solo choir event in Naperville, Illinois, on Oct. 14.

The deceased boy, identified as 17-year-old Daniel Moshi, a senior at Leyden High School in District 212, was performing his solo rehearsal at the All-State Honors Show Choir for the Illinois American Choral Directors Association at Naperville North High School when he suddenly fell unconscious. The school authorities immediately performed CPR on him and rushed him to a nearby Edwards Medical Center for emergency treatment, Today reported.

“I got the call from his teacher, musical teacher. And she said there’s an incident,” his father, Loden Moshi, said. “That he was singing his solo rehearsal and he collapsed. And now they’ve given him CPR and taken him to one hospital.”

However, despite the efforts, Daniel was pronounced dead at the hospital. The DuPage County coroner’s office is investigating the death and a cause of death has not been released.

According to Daniel's mother, Karolin, Daniel seemed completely normal when she dropped him off at school. She also said that Daniel texted her and gave her an update when he and the other students arrived at their choir show, NBC Chicago reported.

“He texted me, ‘Mom, I’m here at around five o’clock approximately,” she said. “I texted him, ‘I said everything good?’ I have his text. He said, ‘Yep, all good mom.’”

Daniel’s family members revealed that the young teen had plans to attend college next year and had hopes of performing on Broadway one day.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” Karolin added. “We were supposed to buy him a car. We’re actually doing his funeral. It’s not easy. It’s not easy for any parent to go through this because we still don’t have answers.”

Following Daniel's death, a spokesperson for Leyden High School said in a statement that the staff and students are grieving Daniel's death.

“We encourage anyone who is struggling to reach out to a trusted adult and our Student Services department is available to provide support,” the statement read. “We are also asking everyone to look after each other during this difficult time.”

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