A 17-year-old boy reportedly killed an 85-year-old man after the victim's dog barked at him in Dwarka, Gujarat, India on Friday, March 18.

On Friday, law enforcement received a call alerting them about a disturbance at a residential area and responded to the scene. The wife of the 85-year-old victim, Ashok, claimed that their 17-year-old neighbor had forcibly entered their house and attacked her husband, mercilessly thrashing him with a rod, the Hindu reported.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the brutal attack was spurred by the teen's anger towards the elderly victim’s dog who had allegedly barked at the boy. Infuriated by the dog's barking, the 17-year-old suspect reportedly began beating the animal with a metal rod.

When Ashok confronted the teen and tried to intervene in the attack, the juvenile also began thrashing the elderly man, leaving him severely injured, the Indian Express reported.

Following this, the officers arrested the boy. However, he was later released by the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB). On March 20, Ashok, who suffered grievous injuries in the attack, succumbed to his injuries and died.

After the police received information regarding the death of Ashok, they recorded the statement of the deceased’s wife and filed an application to re-apprehend the underage suspect.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man has been accused of viciously killing his neighbor out of anger after the victim played loud music outside his house and refused to lower the volume. The incident happened in the Malwani area of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on Dec. 8, 2021, Latin Times reported.

On Dec. 8, the accused, identified as Saif Ali Chand Ali Sheikh, 25, reportedly felt irritated and disturbed after his neighbor Surendra Kumar Gunnar sat outside his shanty house and loudly played a series of songs on a recorder.

Despite Sheikh asking Gunnar to lower his volume, the suspect allegedly refused to do so. This enraged Sheikh and, in a fit of rage, he thrashed Gunnar and shoved him to the ground. Gunnar started bleeding profusely after the fall and became unconscious. Although Gunnar was reportedly rushed to a nearby hospital for immediate treatment, doctors declared him dead upon arrival at the facility.

Following the incident, officers arrested Sheikh and charged him under Indian Penal Code Section 302 (murder) and other relevant provisions.

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