A Brooklyn high school student, 17, was caught when he tried to smuggle about $30,000 in cash and a loaded gun and into the campus.

At the Urban Assembly School of Law and Justice in downtown Brooklyn, the student arrived shortly before 11. 55 am Wednesday for a class, said school safety sources, as reported by New York Daily News. Sources said that as he announced his late attendance, a secretary working in the school’s administrative office spotted something that looked like a gun in his book bag and soon informed a dean. Then school safety agents were alerted.

Police reached the school to arrest the teenager and confiscate the weapon. They also found several stacks of $5s, $50s and $100 bills. Police said that it wasn’t immediately known where he got the money from, and now cops are investigating the matter. The gun that the boy was carrying was described as a “loaded polymer ghost gun" by police.

New York City has seen many build-it-yourself “ghost guns" that have no serial numbers for cops to track, and the weapons are sold in pieces for about $250 or $500. The 17-year-old was taken into custody without incident, and charges are pending, according to CBS New York.

Department of Education spokesman Nathaniel Styer said that dangerous items of any kind have no place in their schools, and their "outstanding school staff and school safety agents immediately and safely recovered this item shortly after the student entered the school building, ensuring that all students and staff are safe." He added that all protocols were followed, and they were working closely with New York City Police Department "regarding follow-up actions."

In October, police recovered five guns in New York city schools, reported New York Daily News. Cops said that one gun was found in the backpack of a student at Martin Van Buren High School in Queens after the 17-year-old student showed it to a classmate. Another was found in the backpack of a student, 14 at Intermediate School 98 in the Bronx.

The teen's classmate told a parent that the student was flaunting a bright pink gun after which the parent alerted school officials. Before those two guns were recovered, three guns at high schools in the Bronx and Brooklyn were also found, and two of them were loaded.

Representation Image Teenage Boy In Classroom Wearing Mask Alexandra_Koch/ Pixabay