A female freshman student from a California university was able to fight back a masked attacker as she was talking to her boyfriend last Friday, Sept. 24.

According to reports, the woman was sitting at a picnic table outside her dorm at Chapman University in Orange, Face Timing her boyfriend.

However, a masked assailant wearing black clothing punched the 18-year-old in the face outside Henley Hall. The impact led to the woman hitting the trash can behind her in the attack that happened in the early hours of Friday.

Thankfully, the girl had 12 years of Karate training and was able to fight back.

"Somehow, he got off me and I chased him up the stairs cursing him out," she said.

Two other freshman students heard the commotion and reportedly raced to the girl’s aid. They were identified as Joe Hoodenpyle and Michael Zapesotsky who said they were in the dorm when they heard the screams from the freshman student.

"We both jump out the window and run over towards where the noise is coming from and there's this girl there and she's just freaking out," Hoodenpyle said.

The Orange Police Department was able to obtain surveillance footage of the incident. The suspect was allegedly last seen walking south on Glassell Street.

"At the time of the assault, the suspect was described as wearing black clothing and a skeleton style mask or gator," police said. "Surveillance video shows the suspect after he removed his face covering and sweatshirt."

In light of this incident, Chapman University has increased security with more patrols and safety officers and police. Students have also been advised to travel in pairs and be more alert to their surroundings.

"Chapman University is grateful for the work done by Orange Police to quickly identify the suspect in this incident. Our students' safety is our top priority, and we are fortunate to have strong partners in OPD," a university spokesperson stated.

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