A Georgia woman who was placed on life support after being “accidentally” shot by her sister on Sunday night is most likely expected to not survive. The incident occurred at around 8:15pm when the injured woman—identified as Dre'Naya Ponder, 18, —was seated inside a 2019 Jaguar on the northbound Alton Road ramp from the eastbound Julia Tuttle Causeway.

The police report elaborated that manslaughter charges were pending against Holt, who was booked into jail on culpable negligence and improper exhibition of a firearm charge.

When Miami Beach police officers were summoned to the crime scene, they discovered the victim in the passenger seat of the car, with gunshot wounds on her head. The officers reportedly maintained, as cited on Fox News, that she was on life support and not expected to survive.

The arrest report mentions that there were four women seated inside the jaguar, including the victim’s sister Taniyria Holt of Atlanta. The 24-year-old told investigators that the ghastly accident occurred when the group was recording themselves on their cell phones, and Holt accidentally pulled a trigger of a firearm owned by one of the other women in the car.

The report further elucidated how Holt mistook the firearm to be harmless, as she assumed the weapon was free of live rounds. The police statement further specified that she allegedly “racked the firearm and observed a live round being ejected. Thinking the firearm was free of live rounds, she said she went to pass the firearm to [the victim] but accidentally shot her.”

In another bizarre instance of sorts, an aged woman burned down her house to prevent miscreants from robbing her! As soon as the fire broke out. Kittiphon Pradaprueng, 77, alerted the police and revealed that she set fire to her house to scare away a thief who allegedly tried to break in. The accident occurred in Panat Nikhom, Thailand.

The blaze triggered panic among neighbors as they feared it would spread like wildfire and ravage many parts of town, including a nearby temple, reported Daily Star. “I live alone in the house and was relaxing when a thief attempted to break into my home," said Pradaprueng, adding, “To scare the thief, I turned on my gas stove and started a fire with various materials in my home. I just wanted to show the potential thieves that no one can steal from me and despite being older I am not an easy target.”

The aged woman was arrested on the spot and will be facing legal consequences despite the damage being done to her own property.

police line crime scene
A representational image of a crime scene. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images