A 6-year-old girl breathed her last on Monday after she succumbed to gunshot wounds during a tragic shooting in Minneapolis. The incident occurred near 35th and Penn avenue when Aniya Allen, the young child was riding in a vehicle with her family.

Quite like a bolt from the blue, a bullet struck the girl’s head during the shooting that’s shrouded in mystery. “It went from sadness to madness, I went from being sad to being angry and furious, because now it's been two days that somebody or somebodies ... shot and killed our loved one, and there has been no call, 'hey I apologize, it was an accident ... or whatever to turn themselves in,” said KG Wilson, Aniya's grandfather, and community activist, as reported on KSTP.com.

“You murdered our loved one ... a 6-year-old baby, a precious little girl, you murdered her ... I don't know who you are, or whoever where you're at but I hope you are watching this,” he added.

Allen was pronounced dead upon being rushed to the hospital and happens to be the third child to be hospitalized due to gunshot wounds in less than two weeks in Minnesota. There has been a gnawing uptick in gun-related violence in Minneapolis, owing to which families and community members urged the city leaders to bring forth proactive measures that will contain the rise in cases. While a deeper probe into the matter is underway with six investigators having been deployed into the same.

No arrests have been made, nor has any suspect been nabbed as yet, as reported in ABC News. Allen’s family is shaken by the inhumane act and seems to be grappling under financial inadequacies, as suggested on the GoFundMe page bio for treatment and funeral expenses.

The recent report also suggested that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey's office issued a statement, which read, in part, that the mayor “briefed a majority of the city council prior to publishing his plan and will work to earn their full support. There are, however, significant elements of the plan that are simply incompatible with defunding the police department as some on the council have pushed to do.”

Minneapolis police department has requested people to keep a close watch around and inform in case of any developments—CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477. The statement read: “KG needs the community's help right now, so we can find who did this, and bring them to justice," Lt. Richard Zimmerman, of the Minneapolis Police Department Homicide Unit.” The department also suggested that tips are anonymous and can be eligible for a reward.

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A representational image of a crime scene. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Crime Scene
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