Two Indiana high school students were killed in a car crash while on their way to a senior prom Saturday. There were no alcohol or illegal drugs involved in the accident but it will remain under investigation.

According to Fox News, the two were identified by the authorities as Lendon Byramm of Cathedral High School and Kalen Hart of Hamilton Heights High School.

Byram was driving the car and sitting beside him was Hart, her prom date. Two other high-schoolers were inside the car and were also immediately taken to the hospital without any life-threatening injuries, said the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

The accident was said to be occurred at around 5:15 pm and about 35 miles north the Indianapolis. The two students were dead when the officers arrived at the crash site.

The tragic news was confirmed through a Facebook post on Saturday by Derek Arrowood, Superintendent of Hamilton Heights School Corporation.

Arrowood, on behalf of the school district, expressed their deepest condolences saying "It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that we have been informed that two students involved in this accident died from their injuries."

An official statement from the school district was also posted online. It not only expressed sympathy over the “unimaginable loss” for the families and the school community of Byram and Hart but also offering counseling and support to them.

They also encouraged families to stay close, connected, and to be aware of the signs of “grief” that according to them can produce an “array” of feelings, emotions and behaviors.

Meanwhile, a memorial prayer was held on Sunday at the Cathedral High School’s football field after the death of their student Byram, as posted on their official Twitter account.

Hart’s mother, Jody Bartrom Conaway, started a fundraiser program on Facebook seeking additional help to cover the funeral expenses. "My 18-year-old daughter, along with her boyfriend, was killed in an automobile accident on her way to prom," she stated, expressing her sorrow on how hard it is for a parent to bury their child.

People have also expressed their sympathy towards the tragic incident that may be described as every parent’s "worst nightmare".

High School prom Connor Hawkins (L), a senior from North Hagerstown High School, takes part in a "senior ride", after their prom was cancelled due to the coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic in Hagerstown, Maryland on May 16, 2020. - Local families organized a "Senior Ride" to supplement the traditional prom after Maryland closed all their schools for the remainder of the school year, and social distancing rules prevented large gatherings with close contact. Many communities across the United States have had to come up with innovative ways to celebrate students after the pandemic forced the cancellation of many end of year traditions and graduations. Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images